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Nick Felkey Photo & Video Services offers Passport Photo services for US, UK, Canada and other countries Passport Photos.

Number one most asked question …

Do you take passport photos?

answer: Yes

How much do passport photos cost?

answer: $14.99 per pair for American Passport photos or Visa photos wait time is roughly 10 minutes. As of March 2011, a passport application requires a single image for submission but our official passport camera still makes a pair of photos. All another version of passport photos cost $19.99 and may require an appointment. Please call in advance to ensure a timely process.

How long will it take?

The processing time of the image on average is under 10 minutes from start to finish for an American passport photography or Visa photo. You do leave with the photos.

Do I need an appointment?

answer: For anyone (excluding infants) getting a standard American passport photo or visa photo you can walk in any time between the hours of 9:00-5:00pm Monday thru Friday. No appointment is required. Saturday hours vary depending on the time of year so call ahead for latest Saturday hours.

Who would need an appointment?

answer: Anyone who cannot sit for the photo. Example and infant of an age unable to sit upright of the photo would require an appointment.
Anyone not of US citizenship. Canada, Australia, New Zealand just to name a few countries who require their citizens to have not only a different overall head and image size but some have restrictions against glasses and smiling in the picture. In an effort to eliminate the cost and loss of time which would result in a rejected photo, when in doubt call ahead and make sure Nick is available to accommodate your particular specifications.

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Can I smile in my photo?

answer: No, you may no longer smile in a passport photo. Anything that impedes a full unfettered look at your facial features will cause the image to be rejected. So a pleasant expression or slight smile is best.

Can I wear my glasses?

answer: If your glass prescription in any way obscures the ability to see the shape and the color of your eyes. The answer is no. There is to be no spectral’s or reflections on the rims or obstructing the ability to see the eyes. If your particular frames do not allow the completion of this for the photo we will not take the photo with the glasses on.

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