Photo Restoration Services

Photo restoration and copy services:

With Photo restoration having a Photoshop expert in house is very important. The amount of image and photographic copying and restoration jobs we have done over the years is in the thousands. We do all the work on site.

Why we are so skilled with Photo restoration:

Whether you need a new digital file to reproduce a photo that has become precious over time or you want to share your family archives of one of a kind photos. We can deliver.

For years we have worked along side local artists and galleries to create high-resolution files and beautiful prints of their one of a kind art piece. We recently were honored to be chosen to copy all the monthly works that appear courtesy of Ms Cynthia Sears at the new Bainbridge Art Museum.

This highly skilled and detail oriented work requires up to date knowledge of the latest software and photo techniques as well as the photography skills to be able to shoot through glass. While most of the retail counter jobs ar not that in depth. Quite often clients are amazed Photo Restoration at Nick Felkey Photo Servicesat how improved a photo can be just by the creation of a new digital file and a pass through our computers (rollover the two examples to see a simple restoration ) with the latest software and our trained eye. Most photos are copied at the $4.50 starting point for the digital file required to reproduce the image. We correct the image and either deliver you a new file on the DVD or a cd file and a new print of your selected size.

We do not copy all photos. United States copyright laws prohibit the copying of professional copyrighted images. As professional photographers, we would never knowingly copy another photographer’s work without consent.

Photo Restoration at Nick Felkey Photo Services

For those damaged or faded images, we can give an estimate of time and charges once we have seen your original photo. Restoration is by the minute, and our average cost comes around $20.00. In all cases, the final resulting digital file is given to you on cd as a “new negative” of your image.


DVD Slideshows

Custom created slide shows for birthdays, weddings, memorials and events

We produce custom slide shows from your images on DVD for presentation at events such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and memorials.

The setup fee for this project is $35.00.

An addition charge of 4.50 to digitize hard copy photos for inclusion to the overall project.

An additional fee of 2.50 per digital file for inclusion to the overall project.

Our in-house Photoshop experts restore the best image quality to your files before project creation. Our in-house Premier editing experts offer professional transitions and productions are timed to music selections of your choice. To complete the package, we offer the complementary creation of an introductory graphic as well as a closing graphic or sentiment. Finished DVD projects come complete with a complimentary personalized label.

Additional DVD copies including personalized label $8.00 at the time of project creation.


Video Transfer

Get Your old videos transferred to DVD in just a few days!

Our in-house transfer service offers you a way to safe secure way to SHARE, VIEW and Preserve your VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, Mini DVD to Quality DVDs. Each transfer comes complete with a custom label for personalizing your project at no extra charge.

$25.00 per transfer (up to 2 hours per DVD)

$8.00 per additional DVD at the time of creation

All Services are done in house.

Additional editing services are available at 25.00 per hour. One on one personal editing time to create custom projects for marketing, presentations or online advertising.


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